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Okay, so it has been a while since I have posted a pattern review. This time I’m going to review a hat (instead of amigurumi like the last two times)

The pattern is pretty simple to follow (click on the image above to look at the instructions to make such a cute hat) and when creating a new round, it’s fairly noticeable, so NO COUNTING! Which is a big plus for me as I like to do it while I watch TV and I often find myself easily distracted and losing my place. The result is beautiful. HOWEVER. Don’t use too thick a yarn, I found it would rest funny on my head compared to yarn less… chunkified.

It’s pretty easy to make and it doesn’t take that long. I actually found the sewing the most time consuming! (mainly because I kept switching colours I had loads of loose ends) I also liked to add a little to it (ribbon and studs as seen) which gives the potential to be so friggin’ awesome. I have so many friends asking me for hats now since the season be a changing!!!

So I give it a thumbs up, especially for you fellow clueless crochet crew members out there. HAPPY HOOKING. xx

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    I love the studs you used! That’s such a cute accent. c:
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