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And my #dayswork is now complete with a #hufflepuff #bobblehat. It only looks weird because I have a big head.


holy adorable

It’s time to make a hat. #crochet #hufflepuff #puffstitch #shattered #crochetlife #hat #handmade #muggle

After reading this I have been searching the Internet for an rp forum or some fanfiction based on this. I need more than 4 issues. If you can direct me to some that would be wonderful as I am struggling to find any.

Second #securityblanket finished #crochet #grannysquare #blanket #handmade


If you don’t feel any need to reblog this unfollow me.


Toms Crochet Classics Women’s Shoes

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Source for the post: Click

want these in my life.



Tumblr can shut down now, we’ve found it - the best gif ever. 


Hello there and welcome to my slice on the inter-webs. I'm Jenny, I'm 22 years old. I live in Scotland, to be more specific, Glasgow.
I love to crochet, play Sims and read comics then eat junk food and watch Cartoons!
I love talking, especially about crafted related things so never feel shy to start chatting away.

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