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The Results of the Scottish Independence Referendum

And yet 45% still wanted independence.


It’s been a tough couple of days, we were close to achieving a better Scotland, but we didn’t get there, yet were so close. We should all be proud of the work we have done, what we have achieved so far. And some of you may feel more demoralized after the First Minister announced he was stepping…

I was seriously deflated and after last nights shenanigans displayed by Loyalists I think Yes and No voters are ashamed of them. As a YES voter though who has romanticised the ideas of an Independent Scotland to have that dream taken from me before I got to witness it with my own eyes. I hope one day I get to live in an Independent Scotland I can be proud of but until then I shall try support a party I believe in.

Before this referendum if I am honest I didn’t have a clue and right now I still don’t. I spend all my time into going to Rallys and trying to convince my family to support and independent Scotland I didn’t even think what it would mean for us if we lost the vote. Now it has come all I fear for is a Tori/UKIP coalition government. This thoughts makes me cry if I am honest. 

To all my friends - even if I have never met you or spoken to you - who support the idea of a better and free Scotland I urge you to get involved; regardless of whom you support. Don’t get angry, get organised. Don’t let these tuff times tear the spirit you had the moment you put your vote in that ballet box after putting a big X right next to yes because you believed Scotland should be and independent country, instead rise up and continue fighting for what you believe in.  




cluelessaboutcrochet please tell me this is true

Yes. It’s true. Our national animal is the unicorn. :)

im moving in

NOW IS A BAD TIME. COME BACK IN A FEW YEARS. We didn’t get independence. Our national flower may be a weed and our national animal is a unicorn but as a country we are now FUCKED.


cluelessaboutcrochet please tell me this is true

Yes. It’s true. Our national animal is the unicorn. :)

4th year and counting. This is what happens today. September 19th 2014 is a sad day for me. But it’s fine. I will smile, drink and not get angry because ‘don’t get angry, get organised ’ #female #drinking #prickface #yes #scottish #redhair #welostthevote #iminthe45

That time when I got to be Madder Red; I was so much happier at the beginning of this month.


If you think that what’s happening in Scotland doesn’t matter then you’re wrong.

If you’re spreading lies about what’s happening in Scotland then you’re wrong.

If you think that you get to be hateful towards Scottish people because they want independence then you’re wrong.

This is their choice,…

I fucking love you even though we lost the battle of independence <3

So my #amigurumi #doll is working out quite nicely. Still a wee bit to go though #crochet #handmade

Hello there and welcome to my slice on the inter-webs. I'm Jenny, I'm 22 years old. I live in Scotland, to be more specific, Glasgow.
I love to crochet, play Sims and read comics then eat junk food and watch Cartoons!
I love talking, especially about crafted related things so never feel shy to start chatting away.

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